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Rudy Giuliani speaks out on the federal raid of his apartment and office. Attorneys for Derek Chauvin are seeking a new trial. Why is the public hearing so much about big tech and so-called woke companies from Republicans?

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A new hot mic moment. These are often the most revealing things in Washington. Meanwhile, Congressman Matt Gaetz actually speaking out in-depth since this bombshell alleged confession letter on sex crimes by an ally of his leaked. Rudy going Rudy. They wanted nothing on me before that. So, the day -- just about the day that I begin representing him is the day they go invade my iCloud. But who are they? They are Trump appointees, including one of the most devoted, politically loyal and controversial attorneys general in American history, Bill Barr, who had to off on aspects of his investigation, who may have slow- walked parts of it, but, at the end of the day, they Rudy is you, Trump people, Trump lawyers.

This is a shift, of course, from Giuliani. His legal team first called the raid and the feds operating it as professional the first day that this news broke. He said that without evidence. Now we see it take another step. But if it were true that this was an effort to bother him to get someone else, well, you can get a lot of trouble at the FBI or DOJ for doing that.

Ambassador Yovanovitch Adult seeking sex tonight Melber the center of this probe. The whole world knew that. The whole world knew it. And this is -- I mean, this is totally done because they want to destroy my credibility. Well, you know how we do it around here. We will show you the facts. But, as a former prosecutor, Giuliani understands the feds need evidence of a crime, not just theories and allegations about one of his clients.

What we do know is that a team is scouring those many phones and computers they obtained from him.

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The bottom line, legal experts, including the former top prosecutor at that same Southern District, believe there is evidence to suggest Mr. Giuliani is in ificant criminal legal trouble. I really could use that now. We just heard, though, in that battery of quotes, some of them lawyers on THE BEAT, that there seems to be a consensus that this is legally bad for Rudy Giuliani, that it has to be more than a parking ticket or a wild theory to get the DOJ to off at the highest levels for this kind of raid.

And Giuliani certainly would know it. He was the former U. In those circumstances, that kind of search warrant would need to be vetted and reviewed at the highest levels of main Justice, especially for someone who is the personal attorney for a sitting president. So the fact that the Southern District of New York continued with this investigation, continued to execute this search warrant suggests that they and main Justice think that there is something here to be found.

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Well, Joan, sometimes, they do. This looks like something where you need to really have your ducks in a row. And the context I want to play for your analysis beyond the law, Joan, is, this all circles back to what Giuliani was doing recklessly in public, often admitting plots that could involve crimes because they were foreign- entangled. Take a look. I asked the Ukraine to investigate the allegations that there was interference in the election. You never asked anything about Joe Biden and his role with the prosecutor?

I mean, he needs a lawyer, obviously. He needed a lawyer a few years ago, right? You would really think that there would be somebody in his life, maybe Alan Dershowitz, maybe someone else, who would just get the hook and pull him off stage for a while, because this is not going to end well. And when you go on with Sean Hannity, OK, you guys are the lawyers. But I watched that interview and I was like, wow, this is a master class in interviewing.

Not really. It was tender, loving. And just letting him spout off the Joe Biden is the biggest crook ever in the White House? Well, someone needs to get the hook. I was a lawyer who was representing a client who was innocent. The biggest burden a lawyer can have is to represent an innocent man. And I did it damn well. But what it is a crime to do is to represent a foreign government without first registering your representation with the United States and the Justice Department. And I think, at this point, any good lawyer would advise his client who had just been the subject of an executed search warrant to just be quiet at this point.

And there may be a whole spate of legal and professional ethics questions about how one continues to represent a client when you, yourself, as the lawyer, are in legal jeopardy. But I think we have seen over the last four years that what passes for legal representation in Trump world is very different from what other lawyers might do. I mean, we saw the same kind of playbook roll out with Michael Cohen when he was in this same situation, facing down a search warrant, and also demanding some sort of recourse for his client, whom he believed to be part of a deep state plot to bring down a sitting president.

So, again, we have seen this before. We have seen this for four years. He seems to constantly be shifting out agents, lawyers, ants. He almost seems to be deliberate about it. Again, we saw this with Michael Cohen. I think we already saw it in the post-election landscape, when he refused to pay Rudy Giuliani.

And now there is, of course, discussion that the Trump war chest should be deployed to aid Rudy Giuliani in these particular circumstances. So the notion that he or Alan Dershowitz think that Adult seeking sex tonight Melber might be a different situation, it just shows us, I think, how deluded Rudy Giuliani and the people around him are.

And it would be very entertaining and perhaps great for the country if these two guys go out each other, because I think they know a lot about what each of them has done. And who could have seen this coming, Donald Trump not paying his lawyers? This is our shortest break, 30 seconds, but coming up in the program: Derek Chauvin seeking a new trial. We will explain why. Republican Congressman Matt Gaetz basically dodging some key questions about the federal sex crimes probe, which includes possible sex with a minor and sex trafficking allegations. And the truth will prevail.

There is a desire in big government, in big media, in big tech to target, deplatform and destroy those who champion the America first cause. Just talk about the media. MELBER: What did you think of that answer there and his attempt to come out and speak to a relatively friendly audience after that really bombshell set of accusations in The Beast? MELBER: And in the same interview, he was asked about legal action if these things being said about him are so false or potentially defamatory.

Are you taking legal action, Matt Gaetz? We have always mentioned that. But they do report the Greenberg route that Gaetz paid for sex with multiple women, as well as a girl who was 17 at the time. The way the stories have been these days, obviously, many legal developments. And so there is some news here on basically the postscript of the Chauvin trial. To update everyone, this is late-breaking today that former officer Chauvin filed a motion for a new trial. Now, motions for new trials are fairly common.

He was, of course, found guilty of murder in the death of George Floyd. Walk us through what this means, Emily, and how typical it is for defense lawyers to try to find ways to quibble with or make procedural challenges to a verdict. It all looked like pretty standard fare. The juror, as I understand it, answered in a questionnaire that he had not attended any protests that were motivated by the death of George Floyd, and yet he was at this particular event that you mentioned.

What exactly was in his mind as he was attending? And I think that is the issue, whether he was being honest, from his point of view, about his perspective and what he had done leading up to the trial. But, as you reminded us, pretty standard. Indeed, a criminal defense lawyer is supposed to exhaust all such potential remedies. Coming up, another hot mic bomb. They live, but do they learn. It can happen to anyone, often happens to politicians.

Leader McCarthy caught trashing his own colleague Liz Cheney. We have the audio. And, later, a leaked internal GOP memo, why does it explain and rebut the very woke criticism we have been hearing from some in the party? We will get the answers, because it is "Chai Day.

MELBER: New Republican strategy documents show how the party is trying to rebrand as populist and against some corporations, which le to this now recurring talk of woke companies, which is drawing some mockery. The big tech platforms are owned and operated by woke capitalists.

It echoes a very deliberate P. Now, keep in mind, these are basically telegraphed, strategic Republican moves. Instead, they are focused on fairly vague ways to kind of play-act this fight with corporations, from wokeness, what does that even mean, to China? How do you even address it? As for the GOP memo, it makes the political point that many Americans have a negative view of big tech, so Republicans should focus on what they call a grievous suppression of conservative speech.

Now, as a matter of policy, if you think about this just big picture, this could be bipartisan. But this Republican critique is actually pretty self-interested. But this is broader than just that micro view. Indeed, the bigger concern is disinformation. And that brings us to the heart of the question. We call it "Chai Day" for political strategist Chai Komanduri. He worked on three presidential campaigns. It includes pro-unionization efforts. It includes support for universal day care, et cetera. The whole goal is to help workers keep more of their paycheck and have more security in their jobs.

That is not what the GOP does when they oppose trade with China. They oppose foreign trade simply because they oppose foreigners. And the same thing kind of goes through -- is true with big tech. The whole reason they fight against big tech is because of the deplatforming of Donald Trump. It is because they know that they very much need full access to these platforms to spread lies and disinformation. That is very different from the liberal argument against big tech, which is to try to stop the spreading of lies and misinformation on the Internet.

It is crucial for the conservative movement that they have access to these platforms. It is a movement that is heavily reliant on scapegoating and conspiracy theories and pushing emotional hot buttons. And nothing does that better than social media and the Internet. Look at the rise of Trump. Because you mentioned the deplatforming, Adult seeking sex tonight Melber they put it, or what many of these companies call enforcing safety rules But we do have a headline for you, Chai.

If they put millions into it, that would Adult seeking sex tonight Melber been an interesting thing. Perhaps his friend Peter Thiel refused to help him out in that regard. He could easily have helped him out in terms of putting that together. That was entirely the result of Twitter.

Adult seeking sex tonight Melber

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