Durham happiness that s all i want

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Photo by Karen Ashley. More photos below. Big thanks to Raleigh Murals Project for your help in organizing! The countless Black Lives lost to inhumane acts of police brutality cannot continue. We are sickened and deeply saddened by the constant state of violence against the Black Community and the systemic racism in America that is the root cause of these issues. Enough is enough. We see you, we hear you, and we promise to stand beside you, with you, for you.

The time is now. Kindness, equality, and inclusion have always been part of our culture and we want our actions as a business to be in community and conversation with those advocating for change we need in this country.

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We are committed to doing the work ahead and are inspired by many of those in our community who are using their voices and making the change. We are taking this time to listen, learn, and to create space to honor and acknowledge the lives lost and amplify the voices that need to be heard. We are taking action from the inside out and are in this for the long haul. We will be updating this post as we develop and deliver on meaningful action items as an organization.

Black Lives Matter. They always have and they always will. Bobby Danger dangerousworks. Erick and Hannah show us how much they love each other through all the hard work and joy they put into their relationship. I think our why is defined up by a bunch of smaller parts, but at the end of the day can best be summarized by the goal of making a positive impact in the lives of those we meet.

Whether we only ever meet you once or you become a part of our family, we want to make an impact for the better. We also want to create a safe haven in a world of toxic trends. Former and current employees who we try and help support and nurture as they try and figure out this life. We want to make sure that our home is always a safe place and that no matter where life takes them, we have done everything we can to make them stronger people.

We would love to own a restaurant empire. Cooking is a passion for both of us, and there are stories that can be told through good food. We want to share these stories and make people relive ificant moments of memories when they take that first perfect bite. Erick, what 5 things you absolutely love about Hannah? Her passion. She is one of the most passionate people I know when it comes to her interests and hobbies.

Her drive. When she is determined or set a goal for herself, there is absolutely nothing you can do to discourage that. Her nurturing heart. She is a caring person by nature and wants to make sure everyone feels safe. Her willingness to try new things. I hate to just sit around soI'm always dragging her to do things, and she is always willing to give everything a chance. She is the most beautiful person in the world. And not just on the outside. Hannah, what 5 things you adore about Erick? That he can always make people feel at ease no matter what is going on. His love for life and adventures he always pushes me out of my comfort zone.

How committed and hard working he is. He is always striving to be better. Happy and Hale has allowed us to enjoy being married and has greatly impacted our quality of life. Happy and Hale has made work life balance a priority and indirectly made our marriage a priority to them as well. Its the little things like the Sunday morning coffee and playing with our fur baby as a family, day trips to the beach or mountains that we were missing out on that are now becoming a part of life again.

Happy and Hale prioritizes people and has allowed us to do the same. What do you think the best part of being married is? Having someone to help do the chores. I think this question is dependent on who you ask. For Hannah she says its definitely snuggles. But I think we can both Durham happiness that s all i want that its having someone special to walk through this life with. Again, I think this is dependent on who you ask. For Erick, sports followed up by more sports after dinner at one of our favorite down town restaurants.

Hannah loves going to the farmers market and walking around smelling all the fresh produce and flowers followed by brunch or heading up to Ashville and hanging out at our favorite brewery. It could be something as simple as grocery shopping. Except for folding laundry. There is nothing fun in those little moments. We also love going to concerts, especially AJR.

We have traveled as far as 12 hours to see them live and even planned our anniversary trip last year around seeing them play in new your. Its important to have something in common that you can do together.

This is easy. For Hannah, Avocado Toast, no red pepper flakes hates all things spicyeggs scrambles, bread lightly toasted. Lagree Durham happiness that s all i want a high-intensity, low-impact workout that stimulates your core strength, cardiovascular endurance, balance, and flexibility.

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Alicia recently stopped by our North Hills location to show us her favorite CYO bowl she uses as fuel to lead these high-intensity workouts. She is a resilient, kind human, as well as an amazing mother. Renee has been with us since the North Hills store opened. You can find her helping you build your bowl or creating and prepping delicious food behind the scenes. I was working until 2 am in the morning. The schedule was much better for me, as it allowed me to be a good mom to my son now I want to set them up to be good people, and to help them get a good job. I want them to be independent.

I came from a place where I worked multiple jobs sometimes 2 to 3. So, I want my children to have a different path—a career—so they have more stability in life. I am the happiest when I am with my children and grandchildren! When they tell me new, exciting and happy things in their lives it makes me more happy than anything.

Finding stability and a better foundation. I took some leadership classes, and I learned how to treat people and how I want to be treated. I learned a lot about customer service and it made me a better person. I am a nice, considerate person. I have a chill, positive energy with no negativity.

Life is life, and you have what you make of it. I am just Renee — simply put I am Down to Earth. I like that about myself. I believe your life is in your hands. You can make it good or you can make it bad. I want to have a good life, and whenever I am gone I want people to have good memories of me. I want to move to Arizona. I want to have a house with a picket fence and win the lottery.

I want to help homeless women and children, and I want to work with elderly people. It has been quite a journey for me. I used to be in a bad space. I was one of those people that needed help. I had 3 children by the time I was 19 years old. I was going down the wrong road. Then, I met my youngest son's father, and I got pregnant again. I decided then that I was going to be the best person I can be from this point forward.

These experiences help Durham happiness that s all i want to connect with people. Now, I can be patient and kind when I am dealing with people from all walks of life. I can relate to them. I had to go through that journey to be the human I am today. There are so many women and children going through a rough time and have no one to help them. I want to help them. I want to pass this on to my children so they continue living happy and helping people. Do right by others and God will take care of you.

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The Bida Bowl—just the way it is. Though, I sometimes add a little onion and garlic. The most fulfilling aspect of what we do is partnering with a community of like-minded individuals in building a culture of belonging. Your passion and dedication to this cause is nothing short of inspirational and we could not be more proud to know you and call you a friend. What we are working to get funding for right now is a LiteGait gait trainer with the corresponding treadmill. This is a harness system that allows us to help people "walk" without putting all their weight on their legs.

With repeated training, they can sometimes recover the ability to walk or at least get some movement back in their legs. The rest of the money will fund our scholarships.

Durham happiness that s all i want

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