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Sondra Locke was an actor, producer, director and talented singer. But it was her destiny to be linked forever with Clint Eastwoodwhose partner she was from the mids to the late s. But the pair became trapped in one of the most notoriously toxic relationships in Hollywood history, an ugly, messy and abusive overlap of the personal and professional — a case of love gone sour and mentorship gone terribly wrong. Locke was already married when she met Eastwood — to a gay sculptor called Gordon Leigh Andersonwith whom she had a platonic relationship.

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She never divorced him and the marriage was still legal throughout her relationship with Eastwood, a fact which undoubtedly counted against her in their painful legal contest. She claimed she had been thrown out of her house by the man she thought was the love of her life. It could well be that Locke was the victim of macho mind games, and her case was an eerie echo of the critic Pauline Kael who was suckered into temporarily quitting her job at the New Yorker by Warren Beatty for a similarly unproductive production deal.

And Locke was a serious-minded if underused director. Her fantasy-parable Ratboy produced by Eastwood was the subject of much critical bafflement, mockery and head-scratching, but it gained a certain cult status: the LA Times called it a fairytale with a cutting edge.

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As for Eastwood, there was no doubting what Locke thought. He was all rat. Earlier, in Josey Walesshe was the young granddaughter of a woman, rescued from Comanches by the revenger Wales. As for Eastwood, he appeared mildly bemused at the way the orangutan stole the show, but it was all playing sweet music at the box office. In Bronco BillyLocke had what was probably her best role opposite Eastwood: she is the disaffected heiress, Lily, who smokes cigarettes through a holder and loathes her scheming stepmother and who instantly gets a sexual frisson from her encounter with Billy Eastwood a former shoe salesman turned pseudo-cowboy who le a travelling Wild West circus show.

She gamely s up as his assistant. Sondra Locke: toxic relationship with Clint Eastwood defined talented actor Locke, an excellent performer and serious-minded director, became trapped by her involvement with Eastwood and bitter legal disputes Fri, Dec 14,Updated: Fri, Dec 14, Peter Brhaw.

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