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The New Year: Time to put away those holiday decorations, collect tax records and—if you're a pro hockey player—get chummy with your dentist. That's right!

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Before you know it, players will be hitting the biscuit puckwhile trying to avoid getting their chicklets teeth knocked out. It's true that hockey has a roughhousing kind of reputation, which tends to lead to, among other things, chipped, fractured or knocked-out teeth. But to be fair, hockey isn't the only sport with a risk for orofacial injuries. It's not even top on the list: Of all contact sports, basketball has the highest incidence of mouth and facial trauma.

With over a half-million amateur and professional players, hockey still has its share of teeth, gum and jaw injuries. Fortunately, there's an effective way to reduce sports-related oral trauma—an athletic mouthguard. Although there are different styles, most mouthguards are made of a soft plastic that helps cushion teeth against hard contact. You can buy mouthguards in the first category online or in retail sporting goods stores, and they're relatively inexpensive. While the guard is still soft, the wearer places it in their mouth and bites down to create somewhat of an individual fit.

This can make for uncomfortable wearing, which could tempt players not to wear them as often as they should. Also, because the materials are softer, they move with jaw movement and your teeth can move with them. Over time, teeth could loosen. A custom-made mouthguard, on the other hand, is created by a dentist. We begin the process with a detailed mouth impression, which we then use to fashion the mouthguard. Because of this better fit, players may be more apt to wear them.

They are more expensive, but compared to the cost of dental injury treatment, a custom mouthguard is a wise investment. For the best and most comfortable teeth, gum and mouth protection, you can't go wrong getting a custom mouthguard for the hockey players as well as football and basketball players in your family. If you would like more information about athletic mouthguards, please or schedule a consultation. Autumn begins in the month of September, a season that promises cooler days and longer nights. But more ificantly for sports fans, September marks the start of football season.

Yet, like many contact sports, football even touch football carries a risk of injury—and one of the areas of the body most vulnerable to injury is the mouth. Some of the most common Im attractive man looking Hyannis maybe more injuries in contact sports include lacerations cutstooth fractures, displacement teeth pushed deeper into or out of their socketsknocked-out teeth, and temporomandibular t problems.

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Properly fitted mouthguards have been shown time and again to be effective at preventing many types of dental injuries. Custom-made mouthguards are available right here at the dental office. That means they offer the maximum protection, yet can be comfortably worn during practices, backyard games or championships—an important consideration, since accidents often happen when least expected. If you have questions about custom-made mouthguards, please or schedule an appointment for a consultation.

Some people are lucky — they never seem to have a mishap, dental or otherwise.

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But for the rest of us, accidents just happen sometimes. Take actor Jamie Foxx, for example. A few years ago, he actually had a dentist intentionally chip one of his teeth so he could portray a homeless man more realistically. But recently, he got a chipped tooth in the more conventional way… well, Im attractive man looking Hyannis maybe more in Hollywood, anyway. It happened while he was shooting the movie Sleepless with co-star Michelle Monaghan.

She comes down the pike. And I could tell because all this right here [my teeth] are fake. So as soon as that hit, I could taste the little chalkiness, but we kept rolling. So what's the best way to repair a chipped tooth? The answer it: it all depends…. For natural teeth that have only a small chip or minor crack, cosmetic bonding is a quick and relatively easy solution. Bonding offers a good color match, but isn't recommended if a large portion of the tooth structure is missing.

It's also less permanent than other types of restoration, but may last up to 10 years. When more of the tooth is missing, a crown or dental veneer may be a better answer. Veneers are super strong, wafer-thin coverings that are placed over the entire front surface of the tooth. They are made in a lab from a model of your teeth, and applied in a separate procedure that may involve removal of some natural tooth material.

They can cover moderate chips or cracks, and even correct problems with tooth color or spacing. A crown is the next step up: It's a replacement for the entire visible portion of the tooth, and may be needed when there's extensive damage. Like veneers, crowns or caps are made from models of your bite, and require more than one office visit to place; sometimes a root canal may also be needed to save the natural tooth. However, crowns are strong, natural looking, and can last many years. But what about teeth like Jamie's, which have already been restored?

That's a little more complicated than repairing a natural tooth. If the chip is small, it may be possible to smooth it off with standard dental tools. Sometimes, bonding material can be applied, but it may not bond as well with a restoration as it will with a natural tooth; plus, the repaired restoration may not last as long as it should. That's why, in many cases, we will advise that the entire restoration be replaced — it's often the most predictable and long-lasting solution.

Oh, and one more piece of advice: Get a custom-made mouthguard — and use it! This relatively inexpensive device, made in our office from a model of your own teeth, can save you from a serious mishap… whether you're doing Hollywood action scenes, playing sports or just riding a bike. It's the best way to protect your smile from whatever's coming at it! If you have questions about repairing chipped teeth, please or schedule an appointment for a consultation.

For top-seeded Canadian tennis player Milos Raonic, that extra help came in a somewhat unexpected form: a custom made mouthguard that he wears on the court and off.

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Mouthguards are often worn by athletes engaged in sports that carry the risk of dental injury — such as basketball, football, hockey, and some two dozen others; wearing one is a great way to keep your teeth from being seriously injured. This habitual behavior causes him to unconsciously tense up his jaw, potentially leading to problems with muscles and teeth. The behavior is often worsened when you consume stimulating substances, such as alcohol, tobacco, caffeine, and other drugs.

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The powerful jaw muscles that clench and grind teeth together can wear down tooth enamel, and damage both natural teeth and dental work. They can even cause loose teeth! There are several ways to relieve the problem of bruxism. Stress reduction is one approach that works in some cases.

It also protects your jaw ts from being stressed by excessive force. Teeth grinding can be a big problem — whether you put on your game face on the court… or at home.

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If you would like more information about bruxism, or schedule an appointment for a consultation. Questions or Comments? We encourage you to whenever you have an interest or concern about our services. My Blog. Category: Oral Health. Tags: oral health mouthguards. Tags: mouthguards.

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Tags: celebrity smiles mouthguards chipped tooth. The answer it: it all depends… For natural teeth that have only a small chip or minor crack, cosmetic bonding is a quick and relatively easy solution. Tags: celebrity smiles mouthguards. Our Blog. Subscribe to our RSS Feed. We Need To Know! : Dental Procedures Oral Health ADA Patient Library. .

Im attractive man looking Hyannis maybe more

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