Laid back playful seeking chemistry

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Which characteristics do young adults value in a potential partner for long-term relationships? A new study by researchers at the UZH reveals that, besides friendliness, intelligence and a sense of humor, playfulness is also important -- regardless of gender.

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Playful people also deem humor, a fun tendency, a laid-back attitude and creativity more important in partners than their non-playful counterparts. Playful adults are fond of wordplay, like improvising, approach a challenge lightheartedly, take pleasure in unusual things, deal with others in a playful way, enjoy teasing -- and create situations in which they and others are entertained: Playfulness in humans has many facets. In psychology, however, comparatively little research has been conducted into playfulness in adulthood. The American anthropologist Garry Chick from Pennsylvania State University only recently developed a theory that playfulness in adults is a desirable trait in sexual selection: To women, it indicates a low level of aggression in men and to men vitality in women.

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The participants were asked to examine a list of 16 characteristics and indicate whether or not they found them desirable in a future or potential partner for long-term relationships. The showed that men and women largely agreed in their orders of preference -- although there were differences in individual ratings: Women found a sense of humor more important than men and men found an exciting personality more important than women.

Friendliness, intelligence, humor and a fun tendency came at the top of the list. Playfulness ranked mid-table, although not all that far behind the favorites. Moreover, further analyses revealed that participants who described themselves as playful also valued playfulness, humor, a laid-back attitude, a fun tendency and creativity among potential partners themselves.

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And the participants who were in relationships assessed themselves as more playful than those who were currently single. Materials provided by University of Zurich. Note: Content may be edited for style and length. Science News. More than young adults polled The UZH researchers conducted their follow-up study with young adults from Germany, Switzerland and Austria. Story Source: Materials provided by University of Zurich. Proyer and Lisa Wagner.

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American Journal of PlayFebruary ScienceDaily, 25 February University of Zurich. Playful adults preferred in choice of partner. Retrieved July 13, from www. A new article highlights available research on this topic and also examines People were more likely to view messages using humor as They are good at observing, can easily see things from new perspectives, and can turn monotonous tasks into ScienceDaily shares links with sites in the TrendMD network and earns revenue from third-party advertisers, where indicated.

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Laid back playful seeking chemistry

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