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Ready for a summer mock-tail that the whole family can enjoy? This post will show you how to make the most delicious and Instagrammable Virgin Sangria with fresh fruit, sparkling water, and some juice if you prefer! So bring out the TALL pitcher of delicious, ice-cold sangria! Dustin and I wanted everyone in the family to enjoy this cool summer special, so we decided to mix up a batch of Virgin Sangria.

No kid left behind, no one out of place! So, we adults were more than happy to compromise. Wait, what? Virgin Sangria? You mean like a virgin drink, no alcohol mixed in it? Hear me out! Although, this recipe can be easily tweaked to your preference. Sangria is a drink mixed with wine, fresh fruit, and juice. It gained popularity and spread like wild fire because the fruit soaks delicious flavor into the wine and juice.

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Red wine is typically used as the base. Some people even add some brandy for flavor. Depending on your health goals, Sangria can be a healthier choice when it comes to alcoholic beverages. There are certain health benefits to having an occasional glass of wine or two such as a reduced risk of heart disease and stroke. Especially if you eat the fresh fruit. A word of caution though. Virgin Sangria is non-alcoholic. With this virgin sangria there is no need to worry about getting a little tipsy, drunk from having one glass too many, or even worse, waking up to a hangover the next day.

Is it just me or do hangovers get a lot worse as you get a little older wiser? Step 1: Slice your fruit thinly, with the peel still on.

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Slicing thin will allow your liquid base to really soak through the fruit. Step 4: Keep the pitcher in the fridge and let the mixture rest overnight so that all the yummy flavors infuse together. Pour it into a glass filled with some ice, and enjoy your Virgin Sangria!

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You can keep leftover virgin sangria in the fridge, in an airtight container. You can also freeze your virgin sangria! Just pour it into an ice cube tray or a popsicle mold and you and your kids can enjoy it as a frozen fruity treat. The more fruit you add, the better it will taste! This post contains affiliate links for products I use regularly and highly recommend. The most delicious and Instagrammable Virgin Sangria with fresh fruit, sparkling water, and some juice if you prefer!

I live in Dallas, Texas with my husband and four kiddos. Kindly mention in your ingredients list the red grape juice and apple juice. I am so excited to see this!!! Looks tasty! Hi I am looking to make this later today for a get together. What size pitcher did you use? I have a 2 quart pitcher and would like to fill it up all the way, wondering if I have to make any adjustments to the recipe so I can make more to utilize the whole pitcher.

It was a huge hit and everyone told me how they could drink the entire pitcher on their own. Thanks for sharing the awesome recipe! Wow This Is great recipe. I love Your Way of making Recipe. I am going to make this recipe for my family now. It sounds absolutely amazing! Thank you! Im making it for a gallon and a half. Any easy way to change the ingredients for a gallon?

Thanks for the recipe. I made this for Thanksgiving yesterday just as recipe states. It was very good! Mixed mu virgin, this sounds delicious! Thanks for this amazing recipe. I made it recently and it was such a huge hit with my family.

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I have posted it on my blog with link back to you. If you run across a good one, please feel free to share any tips or the link though. Good luck! Thanks so much. I just said to my husband that Mixed mu virgin wished I could find a great alcohol free recipe for Sangria. This is perfect! Awesome recipe! Hi, how many people does this recipe serve?? Not commercial use. Also I use to cook a lot in Japan, so when I find this I was so exited that I found this grate recipe and your Free recipe book. Thank you very match!! Thanks for sharing! I am throwing a baby shower for my sister this weekend and am excited to give this a try.

At Christmas time it is so nice to have such a nice recipe for Sangria as we have small grandchildren who like to share the day with us and also able to have a special drink with the adults, our babies range from 2 to Sooo thank you so much. I live in a town called Uitenhage in South Africa. Special Christ-mas Blessings to you and yours. Fond regards Phyl. I am also using this for my Spanish final presentation.

Thank you so much for the recipe! Now I just need to find the history…. Sounds divine! My girlfriends and I are true Sangria lovers. Thanks for posting!

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BTW, your photographs are gorgeous! Thanks a lot for posting this recipe! I am making it for my friends and I at my Graduation Party tomorrow! Thank you for coming up with this recipe! I was just complaining on Sunday about how much I wish I could be drinking Sangria. Alas, pregnant with my fourth so none of the real thing for me. I will make some of your recipe this weekend.

It should be the perfect thing to get me through to August. Hi Lacey! Everyone asked me for the recipe. Even the kids loved it a lot! Thanks so much for sharing such a wonderful recipe! Please share more virgin drink recipes. Thanks so much, Hetal! Well, I Mixed mu virgin it depends on your glasses. It makes one full pitcher of sangria and I believe we get a good glasses out of it.

Thanks so much for sharing this. I have three daughters all nursing babies and when we get together for parties they always feel left out. Lovely, non alcoholic sangria. Thanks, Debs! Great looking Sangria and beautiful photos. Found you on taste spotting and what a wonderful treat. My wife, Joanne, and I just made a watermelon martini but there is always room for a sangria.

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Thanks, Adam! I agree — there IS always room for sangria! Watermelon martinis sound yummy, too! Thanks for stopping by! Your photos are beautiful and so vibrant! Thank you for sharing your delish recipes and life with us. Hi Deborah! Thanks for your kind words about my photos — I love to hear you like them!

See you around! This looks so delicious and healthy!! You have me wishing I could put my hand into my laptop screen and grab a glass. See, Donald? Then this recipe is perfect for you! Save my name and in this browser for the next time I comment. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. If you like aromatic herbs and the lift of citrus, Healthy Mint Lemonade will soon be your favorite drink!

Mixed mu virgin

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