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Gary A. Jenkins, an entertainment attorney who lived in Scarsdale, N. Jenkins had summered on the Vineyard for more than half a century. He was Blige, Notorious B. He was also one of the early mentors to Sean P. Diddy Combs, and served as a music supervisor on the film Strictly Business, which featured Oscar winner Halle Berry in her first feature film role.

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On March 15, as the coronavirus pandemic was just beginning to unfold on the Vineyard, Mr. Jenkins posted a comment on a story that ran on the Gazette website, as part of a conversation thread about summer residents seeking shelter in their Vineyard homes. As a lifelong summer resident of the island 52 yearsI do in fact see merit in both positions expressed on this thread.

Similarly, to those seeking to leave the big city and seek social distancing at their summer home on MV where there is literally more room to breathe, it is their absolute right to do so as tax paying property owners. As the aliens behind the chaos said in their epilogue, humans are easily turned from loving, caring creatures into hateful monsters simply by inserting some Oak bluffs MA wife swapping and insecurity into their lives. This is not the time to attack each other; our beloved Island needs to prepare for the coming storm, as the corona virus will surely impact its shores, just as the seasonal residents must make sure we are not carriers of the virus before we return.

We must remain neighborly and courteous and continue to love each other in the wake of this terrible scourge; if not, we risk losing our humanity, and the corona virus will be the least of our worries. He is survived by his wife Maria and their two sons, his brother Dr. Wallace Jenkins and mother Marie Jenkins. Subscribe or become a Friend of the Vineyard Gazette and receive our free newsletters and free and discounted tickets to Gazette events along with our award-winning news and photography. Search form Search. Thursday, April 9, - am. A longtime member of the Oak Bluffs summer community has died from complications of Covid At some point along the way he earned the nickname Alexander the Great.

Julia Wells. Comments Lisa Brown LangleyEdgartown. Tears fill my eyes for yet another great loss to the Covid- 19 pandemic. What incredible words written here; heartfelt and now heartbreaking. So sorry for your loss, we will miss him!

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Stephanie BryantSyracuse NE. So very sad. If this is nt dear friend, sister in Christ, Lisa Brown I send lots of love and prayers your way, and to Oak bluffs MA wife swapping of MV. This place hold such a dear place in my heart. Joyce V GravesEdgartown. Gary also has a surviving brother, Dr. Wallace Jenkins, Jr. His mother, Marie Jenkins is a lifetime member of the Cottagers. Truly saddened by his passing. He spoke the truth. May he rest in peace. SteveOak Bluffs. The summer wont quite feel the same with him not eating a chili dog in front of Nancys Snack Bar.

My condolences to his family and friends. Reading this obituary is devastatingly sad. DeeCT. Condolences to the family and May his memories be cherished in your hearts forever! NaomiVineyard Haven. What an accomplished man. My sincere condolences to his family. All of this is so sad. Jussara SantosO B. Rest In Peace! Leah BrownOak Bluffs. If you would like to attend, please at me at lbrownsum aol.

Stay Well, Leah Brown. Gary was a outstanding person may he RIP and condolences to the family. Gary was a staple in our summer community. Boy, did he know how to get the crowd moving and grooving. He always took time out for others and enjoyed catching up with childhood friends.

He will be missed and thought of often. Especially, on the infamous bench at the Inkwell. StroSan Diego. G- Divine. My man! Thank you for writing about this well accomplished, brilliant man. He meant so much to so many. Rest In Peace Dear Friend! ScottQuincy. A great friend, good brother, brilliant mind, passionate music man, diligent social justice advocate and bigger than life soul.

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Lance pope. Party at Sea Glen!! Gary and I go as far back as I can remember. We both had the same hobby as Vineyard DJ's during the vinyl days when it was an art form before computers took over so now anyone can 'spin' with the push of a button. I still have some of his equipment that he sold me years ago including a pair of 5 foot tall speakers! God bless you and your family Gary.

Lisa Moreis RobertsMv. Great guyhe was like family looked forward to seeing all are summer friends growing up as teenagers. Hooking up at the basketball courts, will miss u so much. DonnaRochester, NY. As one who is blessed to spend time in OB during the summer, I would have loved to meet Gary! I will say a prayer for his family! Bijan C BayneWashington.

Gary was the pulse of OB summers from the time he was a tween. We will reflexively look for G posted up in The Island House holding court half of the people surrounding him- having just met him that nightdeejaying in the Box, or on his bench at the 'well- until we become accustomed not to. RichroyMartasvineyard. I do not have the words to express how I truly feel. I miss my Man. My Attorney. My Friend. Patsy WrightNantucket. I also have been critical of the influx of summer people flooding here. Jenkins words puts a perspective on the issue that I will share Harry DelanyNew York.

RIP Gary. An old friend from back in the day in NY We rolled in NY, and we rolled in MV. From the courts to the clubs. I'll stick with memories at my house by the courts last summer till like 4AM laughing and drinking, and memories of eating fish I just caught at Coops,or a party at the cottages as teens. Rest well my brother. Jams FreemanVineyard Haven. What a shock, the first person I knew claimed by this virus. I'll always remember Gary, a friendly guy with a jovial personality. I will miss him. Andrea Gary. He always had a kind greeting and perhaps if I tarried a while there was a story.

One story he shared with me when he discovered I was Jewish was about his family when he Oak bluffs MA wife swapping and he moved to suburban Long Island and someone burned a cross on his family's lawn.

Oak bluffs MA wife swapping

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Longtime Oak Bluffs Summer Resident Dies from Covid