Seeking long term dd relationship

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I've come across too many of these posts and I am totally not understanding what and how this can happen. I've seen finally enough of them to make a post about this "concept". This last post was about a girl that started off as boyfriend and girlfriend and HE introduced ddlg to her. According to her, they had never felt closer, not had any fights and then one day she came home and all his things were gone and he'd left. I don't understand. Why does this happen? I've seen so so many posts of this happening I really would LOVE for someone to explain me what goes on mentally in the mind of this DD to do this - mind you i will NOT judge, I really just am trying to understand the psychology behind this!

The first place is ddlg that i hear about this. Vanilla relationships you hear about long lasting fights and all that jazz before people break up.

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And so I thought with DDlg the latter would be also the case. It is a hard to grasp concept that in such a "deep" relationship connection partners can not feel free to really convey their feelings, even if they have started the connection as a vanilla couple before where their same little partner could "show" their maturity to handle such topics for sure.

I personally could not imagine this happen to me as i'm sure noone can and the thought of being totally great with one's partner and then the next day they are gone is pretty crazy. So here are some questions I have so we might get to the bottom of this phenomenon: I'm sorry if these are very emotional topics to talk about but be aware you don't have to if it will just make you sad to talk about it. Although sharing your personal experiences might be good to let things off your chest.

To which extend did he block you? How did this whole thing happen where he really left you just like that, do you remember what you did right before? Why did you believe at the time that this was the best way of handling things? How do you feel regarding this now? Would you take the same approach now why?

Was it hard for you? How was the time before this going, and how was the time for you afterwards?

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Did you have trouble not contacting your Little ex or contacting them but it didnt work? I would like to create the space to share everyone's stories and experiences, free of judgement, so that we can try and understand what is really going on, and all benefit from being a more understanding person towards also those who hurt us.

User mini profile. By Juo - 5 years ago. I'm not sure why you're not correlating this situation through many, many vanilla situations. Instant abandonment is relatively common, unfortunately, for LDRs.

You don't have to see the person face to face. He couldn't even see me to break up with me?! He suddenly stopped texting her. He stopped picking up the phone when she called him. When she showed up his house he didn't answer the door even though he was home and she rang the doorbell twice. They were a pretty vanilla couple. I, myself, have been absolutely ignored by vanilla guys online after thinking sparks were beginning to fly. Never to have messages replied to again despite having wonderful conversations prior.

Questioning, "Why? What did I do? What happened?

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I dated a guy in person for a few weeks back when I was in college. Things went nicely.

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We have really good dates. He made 0 initiative to return my calls though. In the end, he just wasn't looking for something serious. He wanted to go out and have some fun but when it came time to "be a boyfriend" he pulled back by ignoring me and distancing himself.

People ignore another person out of convenience. They may be embarrassed to say, Seeking long term dd relationship, I know we messed around for a week or two and I said I cared about you deeply, but, to be honest, it was just fun times for me and I wasn't serious. Humans don't like to admit fault. They may be afraid to confront the other person out of fear of having to deal with someone crying and fussing. Nobody wants to be yelled at or told they are bad or have to deal with a sobbing mess of a person.

This includes times when you are breaking up with someone. Sometimes the person thinks it's better to ignore the person and "they'll get the hint. The guilt sets in. Do you continue being with them even though you really don't want to because they've threatened to harm themselves if you don't? It happens. I've seen it happen. I dated a guy that this very thing happened too--"Please don't break up with me! I'll take my whole bottle of sleeping pills if you leave me! Maybe it's just easier to ignore that person in their eyes. People often also don't want to fess up to their true intentions.

If it was just a one night stand, but the girl keeps calling and keeps calling--do you pick up the phone? Most guys don't. He already got her. He did what he wanted. He got his instant gratification. He doesn't want more. He's done. He chooses to just ignore her. Then, there's the fact that some people enjoy using others and will do the ignore method in hopes that they will later be able to pick up the line, connect with the person again, and get some more instant gratification.

I also feel like maybe you're seeing this more in the DDlg world because there is a lot of desperation going on. We've been denied expressing our inner-selves. We've had to shut that part off of ourselves. We've had to be someone we feel we aren't truly just to fit in to the "normal" societal mold. We are quick to jump at the chance to I see it all the time in chat rooms and this is why I stopped chatting often. A person enters the chat room and says, "I'm a single Daddy looking for a cute little.

I'll take really good care of you. Message me and let Daddy get to know you. They actually message that guy, believing that he is legitimately a caring Daddy Dom who is dead serious and keenly interested in THEM just because they are a little.

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He's a Daddy and I'm a little She's an eager little and I need instant gratification! She calls him Daddy. He says he'll always be her Daddy. They have a scene. He cums. She feels super cared about and accepted since she has his undivided attention for awhile. They seem to get along and have a good time. They exchange phone s to text.

He promises to text her the next day. He goes to bed, feeling fulfilled for the evening, and wakes up to go about his normal routine. He got his gratification. It was just a scene for him. It was just playtime. I, personally, think it's pretty obvious why so many Daddies ignore littles, but I find that the younger generations seem shocked when it happens.

Maybe it's because I have more time under my belt and have dated around for years--both vanilla and kink oriented relationships. In the end, it's both of the parties faults in many cases.

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Littles need to be guarded and selective. Daddies need to be upfront with intentions, and at least provide a goodbye when they want to cut ties. I must point out though that i really really want to keep this topic free from any kind of judgement however small it might be. And i agree a lot with you about that being a very tricky thing because indeed most people will see this thing happening as a "douchey" thing to do Or will think that the only reason why anyone could do THIS is because they are weak, stupid, whatever other diminishing reason But the fact remains is that we don't know.

I have a lot of experience too - i never was good with guys, I was wanted, but somehow people saw me as a "free spirit" which resulted in them treating me like some sort of satisfying side-track to their life. An escape of some sort. But I knew that I had qualities to offer that not everyone has, and if I could just learn to understand men instead of going down the path of bitterness, giving reasons for their behavior as "cuz they just all stupid MEN!!

And yes, I started to observe more.

Seeking long term dd relationship

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A list of questions to ask a potential DD/lg partner