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Written with erudition, authenticity, and exuberance, Yes, Mistress takes you to the erotic edge and lets you peer into an underground that is fascinating, revelatory, and challenging of the gender assumptions and power dynamics that proliferate in the light of day. Zadig explains the psychology behind male submission and answers the question: Why do men crave surrendering to a dominant woman? Hear from the men themselves as they reveal their most Sexy mistress for now desires. Learn Sexy mistress for now so many secretly fantasize about being dominated by a woman.

Delve into their experiences with Dominatrices and see what keeps them coming back for more. Yes, Mistress shines a spotlight on the everyday men who seek to explore their submissive fantasies—an aspect of sexuality that often goes unacknowledged, despite a long history and deep psychological roots. Male submission is more common than you think—and more rewarding than you can imagine! She has been fascinated with sexuality and psychology her entire life. Her passion is helping people understand and explore their sexuality and wildest desires. Her primary areas of interest as a BDSM practitioner include humiliation, hypnosis, role play, forced feminization, and corporal punishment.

Zadig has a degree in psychology and is a certified practitioner of neurolinguistic programming NLP and Ericksonian hypnosis. On a personal basis, she loves spending time with friends and family, participating in elite gymnastics, and traveling the world.

Boldly guiding us into the heart of those places and moments where fantasies become real, Alicia Zadig reveals that the male desire for submission and the female desire for dominance are neither anomalous nor unconventional—they are natural expressions of some of the most fundamental urges of our sexual brain.

Yes, Mistress is an engaging, extraordinary guide to the mind and motivation of the male submissive while also demystifying the role of the female dominant. She does so with the sensitivity of an anthropologist and the confidence of a dominatrix. Zadig knows these men and their cravings intimately, and her book, Yes, Mistressoffers tantalizing insights into what compels these men to subvert gender scripts. With empathy, curiosity, and understanding, Zadig offers a deep dive into male submission that will be of interest to anyone who cares about human sexuality.

Whether you're interested in submission or domination, this book will hold your hand as it wakes up your desires. Tell us what you like and we'll recommend books you'll love. up and get a free ebook! Published by Savio Republic.

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Sexy mistress for now

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Yes, Mistress