Single female hole 22 Lantzville, British Columbia 22

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Inspection Solicited. Masonic Building. Post Office Box iio. Patterson and M. Cowan almost opposite first island, about five miles from lower end of lake; thence west 80 chains; thence north 20 chains; thence east to the lake ; tbence following the lake shore to the point of commencement. Second claim commencing at a stake on same side of lake, northeast corner; thence east 40 chains; thence south 30 chains; thence west, 20 chains to the lake; thence following the lake to the point of commencement. Third claim on same side of lake, commencing at a stake, thence south 20 chains; thence west 80 chains to the lake; thence nortli to the lake; thence following the lake to the point of commencement.

First claim on the north side of Central Lake, about three miles from head of lake, commencing at a stake; thence north 20 chains; thence east 40 chains; thence south to the lake; thence following the lake to the point of commencement. Second claim on north Bide of lake, on small creek, commencing at a stake; thence west 60 chains; tbence south 10 chains; thence west 60 chains; thence north 40 chains; thence east chains: thence south to starting point; this claim back from the lake about a mile.

Third claim on north side of lake, commencing at a stake, east corner; thence north 10 chains; thence west 40 chains; thence south to. Fourth claim on small lake, north side of Central Lake, commencing at a Btake at foot of lake ; thence east 10 chains, thence north chains, thence west 30 chainB, thence south chains, thence east to starting point.

Fifth claim north side Central Lake, commencing at a stake on lake, thence east 10 chains, thence north 80 chains along the mountain to meet claim on small lake, thence west 20 chains, thence south to the lake, thence following the lake to point of commencement. Sixth claim north side oi Central Lake, commencing at a stake south-east corner, Single female hole 22 Lantzville east 60 chainB, thence north 40 chains thence west 60 chains, thence south to the lake this claim is about five miles from lower end of lake.

First claim on Kieecoot Lake, commencing at a stake above what is known as the Big Island south side of Taylor river, commencing at stake northeast corner, thence south 60 chains, thence west 80 chains, thence north 20 chains, thence weBt 40 chains thence north to the lake, thence following the lake to point of commencement. Second claim Kieecoot Lake, commencing at a stake one mile from head of lake southwest corner, thence north 60 chains, thence east chains thence south to the lake, tbence following the lake to the point of commencement.

Claim on small lake west side of Alberni canal, commencing from stake at foot of lake, thence south 20 chains, thence west chains, thence north 40 chains, thence east chains, thence south to starting point. Victoria, B. C, April 29th, May 1, lm. Strictly Plntt-Clasi, Accommodation lor Guests. For collection of old and worthless s anywhere in the world, and no charge if ng collected. Collins, Manager and Treasurer. Pirhy Mills, Solicitor, Victoria, B. s remaining unpaid after that date will be placed in the hands of un attorney for collection.

All persons to whom the undered is indebted are requested to hand in their claims for payment, on or before the above mentioned dates. Nanaimo, 19th April, ' London, May This proposition is objected to by tbe Herman delegates. Berlin, May Paris, May Lockman and M. De LaBerg, members of the Chamber of Deputies, fought British Columbia 22 duel to-day in which the former was slightly Injured.

The country in the vicinity of Pilien is one vast lake and crops are hopelessly mined. The German Emperor sank, but the Beresford succeeded in keeping afloat and made for Gravesend, where she has arrived in a damaged condition. She has on board twenty-two of her own crew and twelve of the crew of the German Emperor. Six men belonging to the German Emperor are missing.

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The rest were saved. Kilrain is in good spirits and expresses full confidence in his ability to whip Sullivan. Loudon, May Vienna, May England will havo a large influence in the appointment of the Supreme judicial functionaries. Lontlon, May Mav Oppenheimer Bros.

George Pittsburg 4. At Washington cago «.

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At Boston—Boston and Philadelphia game postponed on of rain. At Columbus—Columbus 2, Cincinnati 8. Ixitiis 2, Athletics II. At Buffalo—Buffalo 15, Detroit At Rochester—Rochester ti, Toronto ll. At Hamilton—Hamilton 8, Toledo ll. It is our sad duty to chronicle another of those sad drowning accidents that recur with fatal precision with the advent of summer. Yesterday four young men ot this city, named Harry Lester, Herbert Green.

Davis and William Cooper went for a sail In the Bay. They hired a capacious lioat of Messrs. The morning was a very line one for sailing, as the wind was off the land, liefore they startetl Mr. Foreman warned tbem to be careful, as the weather was very uncertain, the wind coming in pufls and then dying down to a complete calm.

As tbey were leaving the harbor with the sail set, it suddenly jibed, and Mr. Foreman again shouted to them to look out. He afterwards followed them a short way in a boat, but saw everything was ull right aud they were sailing with a fair wind. That was the last seen by anyone on shore of Herbert Green" and Harry Lester.

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The boRt Bped along at a good rate, till they got outside Protection Island, jwhen the wind died down to a dead calm. Suddenly a gust of wind struck the sail, causing it to jibe, and upset the boat. Harry Lester was thrown clear off the craft altogether, and Green, who was an expert swimmer, immediately weat to his rescue; but before he could catch hold of him, Lester sunk ami did not riBe again. The other two men, Davis and Cooper, clung onto the edge of the lioat, which was thrown on its side and only partially submerged. Green retained to the boat after Ids fruitless attempt to save his friend, and for a short time also clung to the boat; but thought that the boat would not support the three long, so struck out for Protection Island, which was about a mile distant.

He throw off his coat and vest while in the water. Green soon discovered that, despite his abilities as a swimmer, he could not reach Protection Island with his heavy clinging clothes on; so returned to the boat.

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Things now began to assume a serious aspect to tbe three survivors of the mishap. The lioat again showed s of sinking with its added burden, when Green, in a most heroic manner, said, "Boys, she won't save the three ol us, I'll try and reach that buoy out there;" at the same time pointing to a black object in the water. He then startetl out on his perilous swim of over half a mile, and reached the object referred to, which turned out to be a log.

His companions, who were watching him anxiously, in the hopes of seeing him get Single female hole 22 Lantzville the supposed buoy and make als of distress, saw him make several ineffectual efforts to climb onto it, as the log rolled around at every attempt. Ureen then finding tliat he could not stay there, turned round and again made for Ihe partially submerged lioat; but ere he reached it, his companions to tlieir dismay, saw him throw up bis bands and sink.

The case of the remaining two was now getting desperate, ns their chances of being seen by any passing craft was small; and their bodies were only slightly above tho water, and at every roll of the boat the waves broke over them. At this juncture one of them spied a canoe tilled with Indians coming from the Mainland, nnd having a hat with a colored lining he waved it in the air; and was fortunately seen. The Indians paddled quickly to Protection Islnnd, landed tlieir women, and returned for the two survivors of the catastrophe. Tbey took them into the canoe and towing ' them safelv to Protection Island.

The kloochmen, in the meantime, had built a fire, at which the two rescued white men, J. Davis and VV, Cooper, dried their clothing before, being brought to this city.

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Tbe names of the Indians have not as yet been ascertained, but Messrs. Davis aad Cooper are most warm in praise of their conduct anil kindness to them. They intend to visit them today and recompense them ns much as lies in their power. The drowned men Herbert Green, aged 28, and Harry Lester, aged 23, were both members of the Methodist Church Choir, and were very much likctl liy their fellow miners.

The bodies were not recovered, and as the tide runs very fast in that particular part of the gulf, it is rather improbable tbnt tbey ever nill lie. They were both single, though Lester's family is staying in Nanaimo. Palos Safe. Just Arrived! The Vancouver Coal ruining and Land Co.

Robins, Superintendent. Stylish prints, embroidered dresses, handsome new French dress goods, water ed plushes jtiBt received at Arthur Bul lock's. Strangers and others visiting Departure Kay or lUai wellinging ale strictly pro tubbed from riding on thc cars on the East Wellington Single female hole 22 Lantzville.

Beiore purchasing any groceries, dry goods, jewelry or any other merchandise, consult the advertisements in the Courier. The steamer Ferndale look on a supply of coal for fuel and proceeded to Texada Islnnd last night.

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The bark Oregon is discharging ballast. She will load coal for San Francisco. The steamer Southern California is due here in a few days. The ships Erieson and Wilmir are on their way to this port. The ship Commodore is loading coal for San Francisco. The steamer Alki is tine. The steamer Isabel, Capt. Bendrodt, arrived laBt night from Victoria with freight and the following passengers:— Mrs. Walker, Mrs. Shaw, R. Potter, H. Hoostan and H. Johnston A Co. Wilson, J. Mahrer, J. Harper and S.

THE Great Rush. Bullock's establishment on Saturday Single female hole 22 Lantzville to take advantage of his disposal of is stock at cost, he and his clerks were liable lo attend toa great of customers. He regrets that so many went away unserved, and if possible he would advise some of his friends to shop in the morning when hey could be better waited upon. Culpepper Court House, Va. Tbey then proceeded to outrage his wife. After partaking of whiskey they had brought, they discovered the little ten-year old daughter on the second floor of the house, to which she bad fled.

Tbey brought her down stairs and accomplished their purpose. They left the old man bound, and his wife and child in a most fearful condition. They threatened to burn the house and cut out the tongues of their victims if they divulged the perpetrators of the crime.

Single female hole 22 Lantzville, British Columbia 22

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RCMP arrest 9 at old-growth logging blockades on Vancouver Island