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Neither firefighter Xavier Gourmelon nor his team could ever imagine how a car crash inside a tunnel in Paris would affect their lives and the personalities it involved. Reaching the mangled wreckage Xavier slowly pulled a blonde woman who still seemed barely conscious.

Clinging to life the blonde tried to mouth barely audible words to Gourmelon. Leaning in closer to try and make sense of it, he caught a glimpse of her face and realized that he was in the process of trying to save not just any ordinary citizen — and could also be witnessing her very last words spoken. Horrific first visuals of the now mangled luxury vehicle met them with the only thing visible inside was one man, already deceased. Gourmelon looked around assessing to see if there were other victims in the car. Then he saw a blonde woman seemingly barely breathing but very weakly!

When Gourmelon later learn that this female passenger died he was quite shocked as her condition was fairly stable when he got her out of the wreck. Being only concerned about retrieving her out of the Benz alive he only concentrated on what was crucial at that moment to save her life.

He had no clue who she was! Imagine his surprise when he, later on, learned that the blond female he rescued was Diana, Princess of Wales. Maybe this is what le him to keep the secret of what she whispered to him as he got her out the car. Living near Sandringham Royal Estate, Diana Spencer was by no means a stranger to the ways of the royal family having grown up near aristocracy and seeing how they live. Unfortunately, Diana was not very successful academically which left her no choice but to take on menial jobs in the area. Regardless of her simple means and upbringing, Diana grew up to be a lovely lady.

Later on, Prince Charles, who was dating her sister Sarah noticed this quiet demeanor and it was not long after that Diana started with a serious relationship with the royal. The fairytale wedding between Diana and Charles made history in when they got married and the grand ceremony was televised worldwide.

The holy ceremony and exchanging of their vows were witnessed by hundreds of millions of spectators across the globe. Initially marrying into the royal family seemed like a bed of roses, but it soon turned into a disaster for the simple and quite Diana who did not take well to the strict expectation of the life of royalty.

This became especially evident when she discovered she was expecting. Her every move and supposedly private and intimate moments with her family were photographed and stalked by the media and paparazzi. This caused great darkness in her life and caused great feelings of inadequacy for the royal position and it soon became too much for her. The pressure of being in the limelight took its toll over the years and she realized that this was not the only pain she would have to endure.

To the whole outside world, the royal couple had a happy and perfect life. Charles and Diana were reported to both have had extramarital affairs as behind the scenes they were both Small blonde wants firefighter30. Struggling to remain a positive image as a royal and saving face for the public it came to light that Diana suffered an eating disorder and battled with episodes of mental breakdowns.

Diana and Charles finally separated in and decided to live separate lives until their divorce was finalized in Feeling isolated and hardly having any close friends to confide in Diana reportedly hurt more. Fortunately, her love life did not end there and continued to flourish well after the split which was a blessing as according to a tabloid reporter the Small blonde wants firefighter30 had very few people she would call real true friends.

It was reported that suitors were not scarce for the young attractive princess and she reportedly had flings with the following men even while still married. Bodyguard Paul Manakee and dashing cavalryman James Hewitt.

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Seeking a life away from the glare of publicity Diana seemed to have found true happiness in a relationship with heart surgeon Hasnat Khan. They had the romance in total secrecy. The relationship even evolved so well that according to Vanity Fair it was reported that marriage was even a possibility but the idea Diana allegedly had to marry in secret was dismissed by Kahn.

Diana gave his suggestion of the two of them relocating to Pakistan some serious thought because that way the press would not interfere in their affairs. Reportedly confiding in her friend Imran Khan — now the Pakistan minister- about her feelings for the surgeon, the romance ultimately started cooling down and faltered. Tropez, France was her next stop in the same month when she accepted an invitation to holiday with billionaire Mohamed Al-Fayed.

From here on words uttered by the princess would turn out to be darkly prophetic. The princess continued to be harassed by photographers Small blonde wants firefighter30 while on vacation as they took snapshots of her on a jet ski. Later Diana told reporters at an unscheduled press briefing that she would shock them with the next thing she did.

Dodi, the eldest son of Al-Fayed despite being the offspring of a billionaire raised in the lap of luxury surprisingly managed to carve his own way in a career as a film producer with most notably earned credits in Chariots of Fire and Hook.

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This was not the first meeting between Dodi and Diana as they had ly had the same circle of friends and frequented the same gatherings. The surgeon Hasnat Khan would later for the police how Diana ended their affair on her return to London. Suspecting that Diana had started a new relationship with someone and perhaps even with the Al- Fayed entourage.

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Making no secrets of the fact that the Egyptian billionaire was not highly thought of by himself he made it very clear to Diana that he strongly felt that she would be harmed by this relationship. Even though Dodi was already engaged he was apparently totally smitten with Diana. When Dodi and Diana would finally start a confirmed relationship his affections would finally be returned in any event.

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In the late summer ofthere were numerous varying theories and opinions about the actual strength of this romance. Vanity Fair suggested that Dodi had been planning to give the princess a ring. The paparazzi wasted no time, again, to follow them when the couple decided to jet off on a cruise to Sardinia at the end of July. It was reported by the Daily Mirror in that while Dodi went out to a jeweler to purchase the ring the princess was expecting, Diana remained in their suite and waited for him.

Later, during the evening of Augustthe couple planned to go and have dinner out at the fancy Benoit restaurant. Not that it was at all out of the ordinary, they decided to change their plans discovering that on their way to dinner they were followed by about 30 photographers. This left him and Diana no option but to head Small blonde wants firefighter30 to their room where they had their dinner.

Having been followed from the moment they wanted to leave earlier that evening, they cooked up an elaborate scheme to avoid the photographers Dodi and Diana knew were lying in wait for them. The plan they hoped to finally be ensuring and enjoying a peaceful evening together would be the following. Even though it was his night off, Henri Paul, the deputy head of hotel security would drive the couple Dodi, Paul and Diana and bodyguard Trevor Rees-Jones all in tow would leave the back of the hotel.

At the same time, two decoy vehicles would leave the front of the hotel. By now, it was the early morning of August 31, At this point, Paul raced off into the night. The seasoned photographers soon got wind of their decoy plans and set chase after the Mercedes.

Now traveling at about 65mph tragedy bevels the limo and its passengers. This was emphasized Small blonde wants firefighter30 Paul had drunk enough alcohol to put him three times over the legal driving limit. The car plowed into a pillar of the central reservation and hit it with such force that the impact of the crash was vicious and deadly enough to kill Paul on impact.

Sadly, despite the sight of the horrific wreckage, it was later reported that the paparazzi did little for the stricken passengers but choosing to rather snap pictures of the remnants of the smashed Mercedes. A bystander at the scene, fortunately, alerted emergency services resulting in a team of firefighters to subsequently rush to the scene from the nearby Malar station. The duty officer for that night Gourmelon headed the rescue team and he revealed to The Sun just what he and his crew had discovered. We got straight to work to see who needed help and who was alive. Reaching Dodi who had been seated in the back of the limo it was sadly also discovered that he actually suffered a heart attack while still inside the vehicle.

The paramedic called his time of death once he was lifted from the wreck. Bodyguard Trevor Rees-Jones was also badly injured, but it appeared that he would thankfully survive the accident. Fighting for his life it was very apparent that the bodyguard was very much concerned about the condition of the princess avoiding paramedics asking him to stay composed.

Gourmelon finally got through to Rees-Jones that none of the paramedics understood English which managed to keep him still. Diana was lying on the floor in the back, had her eyes open and she remained conscious. She was even able to make some small movements; he, however, realized the urgency of getting her out of the wreckage. Preparing to lift the princess from the vehicle he fed her oxygen and gripped her hand and all the time not having a clue who she was.

Gourlemon later revealed this to The Sun and that he only learned about her identity from a fellow paramedic that she was indeed Princess Diana! In Addition to this, the fireman also revealed to the newspaper what Diana had said to him on her evacuation from the wreck. Sadly, perhaps the last sentence the princess ever uttered was to the firefighter who tended to her.

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He continued administering oxygen and together with his team stayed by her side as she was taken out of the car. As the princess was placed on the stretcher, tragically she suffered a heart attack. So perhaps yes, the last words ever uttered by the princess were said to a paramedic who tended to her.

Search for:. Clinging To Life Credits Neither firefighter Xavier Gourmelon nor his team could ever imagine how a car crash inside a tunnel in Paris would affect their lives and the personalities it involved.

Small blonde wants firefighter30

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In Princess Diana’s Last Seconds, A Firefighter Leaned In And Heard Her Last Words