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View a full description of this newspaper. The following text was automatically extracted from the image on this using optical character recognition software:. O wondrous love, that passeth under- standing.

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Excelling far all earthly love combined. Deeper and broader than a boundless ocean. Unchanging love, eternal, full of glory! Who can compute its worth, or name the price. No words a grace so infinite express; A mine of wealth, of rich, exhaustless treasure— fount of life which ever flows to bless.

T isy not know. Tor God Is love—"His mercy crowns ,the yeats. Trile Peace. And the peace of God. All human peace fails. The peace of pleasure Is carnal. The peace of fame la hollow. These are. Tain because true peace but the peace that soul from the eternal Sphere, which the psalmist says, "This Is my rest forever.

Here will 1 dwell be- cause I have desired It. Outtof this peace the apostle says that IT Is not even thinkable. It Is. No benediction, then, breathes such unspeakable blessing upon our careworn and weary world as this apostolic one: "And thq peace of God, which passeth all un- derstanding.

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J»,V- Old Fashion. The mem- ber received a letter from this coup stltuent several days ago, again call- A Man With an Aim. But the "peace of CM" is W of unbroken aerontty. We lose the tumultuous fever and haste of other days. The life loses the babble of its earlier tOonrse and swoeps onward to the idlvlne ocean from which It derived Its being with a stillness which be- speaks Its depth, a serenity which foretells Its destiny.

The very face tells the tale of the sweet, still life within which Is attuned to the ever- H lasting chime of the land where come not, nor conflict, nor "Thou shalt keep him In per- peace whose mind Is stayed on bee. The condi- tions of life were never so jarring, the calls and pressures never so in- oessant and the tension on heart and nerve never so severe as in the mod- ern "business' and domestic world. Here, then, the chafed and fretted spirit needs some real solace, some "-sure refuge, some true resting place, gome arbor of soul quiet and repose.

To these perturbed hearts our text brings this message: Oh, learn tfi«t Peace, sweet Pence, Is only found In her eternal home. In hdljr ground. Unltl one, while his feet stand amid the earthly turmoil, yet turns his eye heavenward and communes with the eternities, he Will look for rest In vain.

But he who seeks the peace of God will find In It "the peace which passeth all understanding. If we live near to our Heavenly Father, we should strive to realize his constant companionship. We ought to make the workshop, the N counting-room, the study, the kitchen and the farmer's field sacred with God's presence. Happy the pastor who, re- turning to his study, finds both his Bible open and the mercy Beat close beside him, with precious promises strewn thick about It!

The nearer he gets to his Lord and Master In that study, Stephenville love searching for a gentlemen nearer will he get to the hearts of his people In his pas- toral work and In bla pulpit. The man of business who gets a little time with God in the morning over his Bible or on his knees, will go to the tumult of the day all the stronger.

To begin the day with prayer will kfeep It from raveling out into many a folly or sin. It la keeping ous cttl zenshlp Irt heaven and our eyes above the blinding mists of worldllness, and our hearts in close touch with our Divine Master. They that thus wait on God shall renew their strength; they shall mount up as eagles. Their outlook Is wide; their spiritual at- mosphere is bracing; their fellowship with their Father and their Savior is sweet; they rehearse a great deal of heaven before they get there.

Whether It's wealth or whether It's fame, It mattera not to me. And keep his aim In sight. And work and pray In faith alwar. With hla eyes on the glittering height Give me a man who says, "I will do something well, And make the fleeing days A story of labor tell. It la better than none at all; With something to do the whole year through, He will not stumble or fall.

But Satan weaves a snare. For the feet of those v. The man who hath no aim Not' only leaves no name. Give me a man whose heart Is filled with ambition's Are; Who sets his mark In the start And moves It higher and higher. Better to die In the strife, The hands with labor rife.

Than to glide with the stream In an Idle dream, And live a purposeless life. United States navy, has recently re- turned to America from the China sta- tion, has two Formosa apes which he brought here, and which they have trained to the business of caddies. They wear liveries of white duck, and each has a Turkish fez.

The Glory of Loving Jesus. Jesus Is the secret of our securest peace, the root of our dlvinest rap- ture, the spirit of our holiest calm; and the love that we have for him garrisons the spirit and guards the heart against the thousand menaces that threaten Its safety and tranquil- lity. If In the midst of life's myster- les We have trust. If in its darkest night we catch the shining of the morning star, if in Its bitter sorrows we lay hold on a -great hope. If we trample on our despairs, and undis- mayed pursue our way through the fires of temptation and affliction, It la because our heart la set upon the Lord, and our love has Its own con- fidence which, if It cannot Interpret to the mind, Is still Immovable and sure.

Stephenville love searching for a gentlemen the swift and sure Intui- tion of love we know him whom we love, and in him we rejoice greatly, with Joy unspeakable and full of glory. He has taken our poor heart which aforetime was the home of un- reet and care and bitterness, and has filled It with unearthly satisfaction and tranquil peace. That Is the glory of the love of Jesus, that they who have it, day by day find in It the secret of a Joy which.

To-day we are profoundly thank- ful fdr the love which we have for Oar Lord. But love should grow from more to more—Its capacity should he enlarged, its Intensity be strengthen- ed, its loyalty be made more com- plete—that Its blessedness may be more absolute and rapturous. Let us dwell more with him whom our heart doth love, that by the growing disclosure of his beauty and love our affection may be quickened, deepened and enriched, and fulfil itself In holy completeness, until our ldve Is an un- breakable bond and our blessedness a present heaven.

Sweetest Things. The best things a? B and H from below, they will lift the pantograph to an equal level. A lead pencil is fastened at A, and a screw-eye should be put In from underneath. Just next to it, to hold it level also. At C a steel nail is used of such a length that its point just clears the table when the pantograph rests on the screw-eyes. F is fas- tened to a block of wood screwed on the table, by means of a steel nail, on which it must move freely. It is well to shape this block like K, so that the Bcrewa that hold it to the table will not prevent the stick from moving freely on the nail at F.

If now you place a map or a picture under C, and a piece of blank paper under A, and then move the steel nail at C along the lines of the picture the pencil at A will draw a similar picture twice the size of the one at C. If you put the pencil at C and steel nail at A, the picture drawn will be one-half the original size. The proportions may be made dif- ferent by changing the position of Stephenville love searching for a gentlemen ts G and H, where the pieces of wood are fastened together, but the opposite sides of the figures CG and HB must be kept equal.

If you wish to enlarge the picture or map to four times its size move the hinge half-way up to C. And since the opposite sides of the diamond must be kept equal G must also be moved half-way down to B. If you make the pantograph care- fully, It will more thau repay all your trouble. For Two Girls.

A nice game for two girls Is tor one to have a piece of paper and pen- cil and write down a proverb, but instead of writing It properly only the first letter of each word must be put and a cross Instead of each of the other letters In tho word. Then the second player must add the proper letters over the crosses. It some- times takes quite a long time to think 6t the required letters.

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A New Use for Apes. According to an English paper, lately received, while petB are mostly kept for the purpose of merely being petted, now and then they are taught to make themselves useful. The latest In- stance of the useful pet, the Journal states, is In the case of certain apes which have bfcen trained to act as cad- dies In the now fashionable game of golf.

The eadle Is Indispensable to a golf player, and a Miss. Dent, whose brother, Lieutenant Dent, of the Match and Potato. The sketch Is supposed to represent a slice off a potato with six matches sticking to It. An Instrument that can be used to copy mats or drawings, or to enlarge or reduce them.

Is called the panto- graph, and you can make one your- self with just a little care.

Stephenville love searching for a gentlemen

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